Sunday, 27 May 2012

No tan lines ladies

Two weeks today is our photo shoot, how quickly that date has come around.

Now I know that we're not used to this beautiful sunshine and I know that it's tempting to sit out in the sun and bronze ourselves, but ladies if you turn up in 2 weeks time with tan lines you will have to contend with the wrath of Tilley and we all know that that is something  you don't want to have to do.

Of course I'm joking, Tilley is the coolest girl but if she has to air brush out dozens of tan lines she's not going to be a happy bunny. I can't begin to say what an immense amount of work Tilley is already going to have to do, not only taking all the shots but the work that comes afterwards with editing and getting them ready for printing.

So let's do all we can to make her job as easy as possible. We already know that we're to avoid tight underwear and strap marks so slap on the sunscreen ladies and keep the tan lines to a minimum. Of course if you're in a position to sunbathe naked and get a wonderful all over tan, then lucky you, but please if you're doing that don't get yourself arrested we need all of you on the 10th.

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