The start of the journey

It was in 2011 that our director John gathered the Little Theatre Company ladies together.  His question for us all was "If we could perform the play Calendar Girls would we do it?" The answer was a resounding "YES". It is such a wonderful story, showing a group of women at their very best, facing great adversity with humour and true fighting spirit.  Of course, what we hadn't known before the question was asked was this....

The amateur rights for Calendar Girls has been released from September 2012 for 18 months. What makes it even more exciting is that this is also a world record attempt as Calendar Girls aims to burst into the Guinness Book of World Records and establish the record for the most productions of one play in a year.

So, we committed ourselves to the wonderful production which was performed at the Brewhouse Arts Centre in Burton on Trent from Tuesday 12th to Saturday 16th March 2013.

Following many discussions about what had we let ourselves in for, it was suggested that in true Calendar Girl style we should produce our own calendar but to be based very much on a theatrical theme. All profits from the sale of the calendars were to be donated to Leukaemia Research.

And so our journey began. Were we a little bit scared?  I'd say so, but we worked on the premise that how often in a lifetime do we get to do something this amazing and to raise funds for such a deserving cause?


  1. You are so right!Chin up girls....or whatever else might be required!Recently I watched a documentory with the original WI ladies starting off their wonderful 'journey' together for a truely great charity,and was re-inspired to go ahead with this very worthwhile project.
    Can we do it?Yes we can!

  2. That's the spirit, one week today we'll be baring all. Nerves kicking in? oh yes, as you rightly said "Can we do it?" Definitely we can.


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