Wednesday, 30 January 2013

Thank you Brasense for your support!

As rehearsals continue for our March production of Calendar Girls, the members of the cast who need to strip off for the crucial (and hilarious) scene where the charity calendar is photographed are thinking about eating salads, exercising - and underwear.

Sara, of Brasense, can't help us with the first two - but she has provided the six main characters with some super, nude, almost invisible undies. And we are very grateful.

It's a very important part of the show that no-one in the audience actually sees anything they really shouldn't. We're determined to avoid the 'wardrobe malfunctions' that it seems other amateur theatre groups have suffered around the UK.

As the name suggests, Brasense is a company that specialises in ensuring that women achieve a perfect fit from their bras. But in this case she has sourced some knickers that are like the ones worn by glamour models - and we feel very glamorous as a result.

If you think you could be among many, many women across the UK wearing a bra that's not really comfortable and doesn't give you the shape and support you really need, have a look at the Brasense website - - and read about the service they can offer.

Brasense is based in Measham, Derbyshire - and we're also happy to welcome them as a Corporate Patron of Little Theatre Company.

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