Friday, 10 August 2012

To carry an Olympic torch

Our Calendar is raising money for the Leukaemia and Lymphoma Research Association – which works to find cures for these blood cancers – but there are many other wonderful charities working in similar fields.

Today Elaine and myself met with Ian Leech one of the Olympic torch bearers. To be chosen to do this is such an honour and Ian was awarded this honour for his huge efforts in raising awareness for the Lymphoma Association

Ian lost his daughter Melissa in May 2008 to non Hodgkins Lymphoma at the age of 20. During Mel’s battle both he and Mel wrote blogs as a way of dealing with their battle and to raise awareness. Many people seem aware of Leukaemia but much less so with Lymphoma.  After losing his beloved daughter Mel, Ian put all his efforts into finding ways to deal with his loss and so his journey began.

Lymphoma is the 5th largest cancer diagnosis and is most common in people under 30. The Lymphoma Association supports  anyone affected by lymphoma, friends, family and carers. They only deal with lymphoma and have an online site with forums and message boards for people who are looking for support and information.  Ian published a wonderful book in memory of Mel called “One day at a time- Mel’s story” and has his own website

Ian explained that being  given the honour of carrying the Olympic torch has given him the opportunity to visit many schools and talk about why he was chosen. He has also been a key speaker at many events which has enabled him to spread the word more widely about the LymphomaAssociation. He also give his time generously to many other charities and has a cycle ride from London to Paris coming up which would have been Mel’s 25th birthday.

We wish Ian every success in his future ventures to spread the word and make people more aware of the Lymphoma Association.

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