Friday, 8 June 2012

The clock is ticking....

And heart rates are rising, the time for our shoot is now very close and I know that 22 women will currently be saying "What were we thinking?". Tomorrow Tilley and myself will be down at the Brewhouse starting to set things up. I have a spare room full of costumes, props and things that I snagged from Mike's Tardis which I'm not even sure what they are but I'm sure will come in useful, of course my Sherpar for the day will be hubby Ken, without him I surely would not be able to get this car load to the Brewhouse.  Tilley I know will be armed with a car full of lights and cameras ably assisted by her lovely hubby Matt, he's the muscle for the day, ok well maybe not Mr Atlas but when it comes to lights and technical stuff he's a wizard so we're very grateful to have him on our team. Our plan tomorrow is to at least get our scenarios set out as much as we can so that come 9am on Sunday ( I know, I know, 9am on a Sunday!!! thanks Tilley) we can get started, crack open the Bucks Fizz and have some fun. I'll be back after the event to tell all.

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